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Writing Practice Book- For  Pre-primary / U.K.G. or Equivalent Classes prepared by Growhills Publishing Writers’ Board and Published by Growhills Publishing, Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)- 781352.

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As hand writing is regarded as a part and parcel of education so the majority of educationists are of the view of prescribing the practice of handwriting from the beginning of formal education. But the students of Pre-primary level remain tender both physically and mentally. In this level they only begin to learn the alphabet. But as the handwriting types of English alphabet differ from the printed type so it is illogical and impractical to teach them hand-writing type (cursive writing) directly before making them learning the printed type. 

This Hand Writing Practice Book is prepared to teach the students the writing of printed type of English Capital Letters only as they are not generally taught small letter in the pre-primary stage.

In this Writing Practice Book we have endeavoured to apply possible easy method of practising the art of writing letters. This Practice Book has been divided into two parts. In Part -I the students are guided to practise writing over the blurred (dim) letters. The teacher should guide the students to begin writing letters over the blurred letters  to the direction shown by arrow mark with a wooden pencil.  And in Part -II the students are guided to practise writing themselves in blank spaces. 

We welcome any kind of formative criticism and suggestion from the educationists, philosophers, teachers, guardians and even from the student community in matters of representing the method of practising the art of writing for further development.

June 2016


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