Readers’ English-I


(A Textbook of English for Class-I)


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Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)

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This book is especially designed to meet the long-felt demand of private educational institutes of North-east India. The materials have been compiled and edited from various sources. The publisher is not aware of any copyright violations in any form which has been incurred while preparing this book. We are ready to appreciate and take immediate action to rectify and overcome such thing which has occurred unintentionally or unknowingly in any form towards anyone in case it is brought to our notice.

First Internet Edition: 2019

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1. Alphabet (Capital Letters and Small Letters) / 5

2.Cursive Writing / 8

3.Learn Words with Alphabet / 12

4.General Knowledge- I/ 21

A. Name of Four Directions

B. Name of Days

C. Name of Colours 

5.Rhyme /22

Evaluation -I


6.Use of ‘A’ and ‘An’ / 24

7.Noun and Pronoun /28

8.Use of ‘This’ and ‘That’/31

9.General Knowledge -II/ 35

A. Name of Months

B. Name of Some Vegetables

10. Rhyme/36

Evaluation- II


11.Use of ‘These’ and ‘Those’/ 38

12.Use of Capital Letters, Full Stop and Question Mark/41

13.Simple Interrogative/44

14.General Knowledge -III/48

A. Name of Seasons

B. Parts of Human Body

15. Rhyme/

A. While You Work

B. Lucy  Locket

Evaluation -III



16.Use of  My, Our,  Your,  His,  Her,  And,  etc./51

17.Use of Noun: Singular and Plural/55

18.  Use of Verbs/59

19.Question and Answer using ‘Yes’ and ‘No’/ 62


21.General Knowledge -IV/68

A. Name of Fruits

B. Some Relative Nouns 

D. Roman Numbers 

23. Rhyme /69

Evaluation -IV



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